bRite Standard

bRite Standard

Quick and Handy – Mobile Smartness

bRite is a stylish, portable retail scale suited to a range of retail environments such as open markets, mobile business or smaller specialty shops. Its robust yet lightweight construction, including a high quality stainless steel plate, make it perfect for environments where food hygiene, portability and sturdiness are prerequisites. Coupled with its high quality weighing technology, bRite is a reliable and long lasting investment. Using the scale is also fast and effortless thanks to its ergonomic keyboard layout and simple user interface – thus speeding up customer service in all applications. Available as compact or tower* version, this scale is an artwork that brings in line a slim silhouette design with a trapezoidal platform shape. Its black soft-rubber feet emphasize stability and show the groundedness of our bRite series that are all part of a harmonized colour and industrial design integration of housing, keyboard, display, plate and feet architecture.

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  • Standard compact versions:

    6 kg/2 g (single range), 15 kg/5 g (single range), 6/15 kg/2/5 g (dual range)

  • Display LCD with backlight

    6-digit weight, 6-digit unit price, 6-digit total price

  • Key

    32 membrane keys

  • Preset key 16 keys:

    one key can store one PLU

  • Stainless steel pan

    240 x 337 mm (trapezoid)

  • PLU

    quantity 50

  • Power Power adapter:

    100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Battery:

    6VDC/4.5AH lead-acid rechargeable battery (included*)

  • Gross weight/Net weight Gross weight:

    6.1kg / Net weight: 4.2kg

  • Shipping

    box (L x W x H) 480 x 465 x 180 mm

  • Working environment Temperature:

    -10ºC ~ +40ºC; Humidity: 85%RH, noncondensation

  • Storage environment Temperature:

    -25ºC ~ +50ºC; Humidity: 85%RH, noncondensation

  • Weighing function

    Zero, Tare, 100g*, Change*, Hold*, Euro*, 1/2lb*,1/4lb*, kg/lb*

  • Communication


  • Accessories

    Lead acid rechargeable battery
    Plastic cover for pan
    Plastic cover for housing
    Deep plate

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